About Us

LONG-TERM INVESTING Research AG is a research unit focused exclusively on the requirements of long-term investors. It is completely independent from financial institutions and has no direct or indirect interest in selling financial products.


In particular LONG-TERM INVESTING Research AG aims to:

  • collect knowledge on investing that is based on the experiences of successful investors in the past as well as on the latest insights into capital market research and science;
  • provide an independent analysis of investment strategies, securities and other financial products as well as of portfolio structures;
  • make costs and risks of shares, bonds and other investment instruments transparent and comparable;
  • help long-term investors to create an asset allocation reflecting their investment needs and their risk profiles.

Your contacts are:

Karl-Heinz Thielmann (research)

E-mail: khthielmann(at)long-term-investing-research.com










Curriculum vitae:



Analyst for European stock markets with Dresdner Bank Investment Research


Fund manager with Deutscher Investment Trust DIT (today: Allianz Global Investors)


Independent consultant for companies, asset managers and private individuals on matters regarding the capital market

Since 2012

Managing Director at LONG-TERM INVESTING Research AG


Karl-Heinz Thielmann holds a degree in Economics from the University of Cologne. During his time working at DIT, he developed many successful products, e.g. the DIT Wachstum Europa, the first German equity fund to invest explicitly in quality growth shares. Furthermore Karl-Heinz Thielmann received numerous awards for outstanding performance, notably for DIT Großbritannien, a fund dedicated to investments in stocks of the United Kingdom. During his years working as an independent adviser, he has helped almost all of his customers to achieve a considerably above-average investment result. Furthermore, he is a lecturer for Global Economics and a regular contributor to financial blogs.

Oliver Clasen (asset allocation)

Email: oclasen(at)long-term-investing.de










Curriculum vitae:


Personal Assistant of the CEO at DEUTSCHER INVESTMENT-TRUST (DIT) Gesellschaft für Wertpapieranlagen mbH


Vice President, Portfolio Management Institutional, at dresdnerbank investmentmanagement GmbH, Frankfurt


Director, Head of Client Portfolio Management, at dresdnerbank investmentmanagement GmbH, Frankfurt


Managing Director, Business Development & Account Management Institutional, at Allianz Global Investors Kapitalanlagegesellschaft mbH, Frankfurt

Since 2012

Director & Founder, HVC Management Ltd., Frankfurt/London,

Since 2013

Managing Director at LONG-TERM-INVESTING Research AG

Oliver Clasen has had 20 years of professional experience in leading asset management companies with a focus on institutional investors. Specifically he has been involved in asset allocation consultancy, the development of investment processes as well as strategies and the ongoing support of demanding customers. He has achieved an excellent reputation for giving advice based on the long-term interest of his clients. Since 2012, he has worked as an independent consultant for real estate, venture capital and capital market issues.