"With a Steady Hand"

“With a Steady Hand“ is the English weblog of Karl-Heinz Thielmann. It is based on analyses performed by “Long-Term Investing Research” and features “outside-of-the-box” thoughts, comments and essays on capital market issues and economics.


You will also find long-term charts demonstrating long-term trends, cycles of economies and financial markets. In addition, the weblog includes relative price performance charts, which put economic developments and share prices into context.



"With a Steady Hand"




Before April 2014, 12 essays on long-term investing were published under the title “With a steady hand”. These issues are available for download here:



The perils of safety  from April 4th 2014



From crisis to crisis from February 12th 2014



The (not so) mysterious margin miracle from January 6th 2014



The triumph of moral hazard from November 4th 2013



Will the supercycle end in tears? from September 26th 2013



Repressive Easing - Do we have an alternative to quantitative easing and financial repression? from July 11th 2013



This is not a Swedish fairy tale: Once upon a time when crises policies were successful… from June 19th 2013



Back to the future: John Maynard Keynes’ investment philosophy and its implications for today’s portfolio management from May 3rd 2013



The winner´s curse: Why successful mutual funds are bound to fail from February 18th 2013



The index forecasting paradox - or why today it is much easier to predict a DAX of 20,000 than to make an accurate year-end forecast - from January 15th 2013



Do investors want to be cheated? from December 3th 2012



The great hedge fund swindle from November 5th 2012