User Terms and Conditions

Please note: Only the document published in the German language is legally binding. This English translation is only for the purpose of information.

1. User authorisation


If you access this website, LONG-TERM INVESTING Solutions GmbH grants you the revocable and non-transferable permission to use the website. This is valid only if you adhere to the User Terms and Conditions and observe therestrictions they impose. Interference with the operation of the site or influencing it in any way is not permitted.


2. Important general information


The contents of this website are only for your information. They do not constitute advice on investment, tax or legal matters. Nor do they contain offers, recommendations and requests to make investment decisions of any kind, for example to deal in financial instruments (e.g. stocks, bonds, investment funds, certificates), to conclude contracts concerning financial services or to agree to any other contracts. In particular, this information is no substitute for a suitable investor-related and product-related consultation. Unless otherwise stated, the prices mentioned shall not be considered binding.


Please also note that the value of an investment can both rise and fall. Therefore, investors have to be prepared to take and accept losses of the invested capital. Investment results from the past do not allow conclusions on future developments.


3. Dissemination restrictions


The analyses and information published on this website as well as the services offered are intended only for dissemination in countries where local low allows it. This website is specifically not directed to investors in or from the USA, Japan and Canada. In Great Britain it is intended only for people specified in article 11 (3) of the Financial Services Act of 1986 (investment advertisements) (exemptions) order 1996, who are authorised or exempt. In particular, forwarding the contents of this website to the USA and to US citizens is not permitted, as well as to all countries in which the use of this website is prohibited.


4. Forecasts


This website may contain forecasts. Even if these statements reflect the view and the future expectations of LONG-TERM INVESTING Solutions GmbH, the actual developments and results can deviate considerably from the expectations. LONG-TERM INVESTING Solutions GmbH is not obliged to update or to change their forecasts and explicitly rejects any such liability.


5. Copyright and trademark rights


All rights, titles and claims (including copyright, brands, patents and other rights for intellectual property as well as other rights) in, for and from all information and contents (including all texts, dates, graphics and logo) on this website are protected without limitation by the property rights of the respective registered owners. When using the website, you have no rights with regard to its content. The copyright for contents created and published by LONG-TERM INVESTING Solutions GmbH remains only with LONG-TERM INVESTING Solutions GmbH.


None of the content, including graphics, sound files, video clips and text, may be duplicated or used, either wholly or in part, in any other electronic or print publication or in any other form without the written approval of LONG-TERM INVESTING Solutions GmbH.


6. Communication by e-mail


The Internet is generally accessible, which means that e-mails sent via the Internet are neither confidential nor secure. They may be seen, captured or modified by third parties, or lost. E-mails may cross borders, even if both sender and receiver are in the same country. You should therefore refrain from sending personal or confidential information by e-mail.  


LONG-TERM INVESTING Solutions GmbH is responsible neither to you nor others for damages which originate in connection with messages that were sent by means of ordinary e-mail or other electronic communication systems.


LONG-TERM INVESTING Solutions GmbH accepts no orders or payments that have been communicated by e-mail or by other electronic communication systems, unless otherwise agreed.


7. Information / dates / restrictions of liability


LONG-TERM INVESTING Solutions GmbH examines and updates the information of this website regularly. In spite of due care, the data on which this information is based can change. Hence, a liability or guarantee for the topicality, correctness and completeness of the information cannot be assumed, apart from liability for gross negligence and intention.


LONG-TERM INVESTING Solutions GmbH shall assume no liability for damages of any kind that result from the use of contents and information of this website.


LONG-TERM INVESTING Solutions GmbH also does not guarantee that the website or a function or the content of this website is offered perfectly and free of viruses or other injurious components, and that mistakes are corrected.


8. References to other sides on the Internet (links)


If necessary, this website contains references to other websites on the Internet. When linking for the first time, LONG-TERM INVESTING Solutions GmbH checked whether the reference to the external contents contained any legal offence and ascertains that there were no legal offences at that time.


However, LONG-TERM INVESTING Solutions GmbH has no influence on the current and future form of the contents of the linked websites and assumes no liability for the contents and composition of these websites. Any use of these Internet sites is at your own risk. Should you find that we referto Internet sites with unlawful or doubtful content (e.g. racism, pornography, fraud, deception, etc.), please inform us immediately and we will remove the unsuitable references as fast as possible.


10. Further stipulations

10.1 Applicable law


Unless otherwise stated by contract or in the event of a conflict of laws, these User Terms and Conditions are governed by German law.


10.2 Scope


These User Terms and Conditions are valid between the users of this website and LONG-TERM INVESTING Solutions GmbH and also apply to their respective legal successors as well as their respective assignments and representatives. Provided that a right arises from these User Terms and Conditions, this third-party right[a1]  can be transferred to LONG-TERM INVESTING Solutions GmbH.


10.3 Availability of the website


LONG-TERM INVESTING Solutions GmbH reserves the right to modify, suspend or completely cease the operation of this website at any time, including any services, information, properties or functionalities that may be accessible by permitted use of the site. LONG-TERM INVESTING Solutions GmbH furthermore reserves the right to restrict the use of particular properties, functionalities or services or to limit the access to parts or to the whole website without advance notice.


10.4 Transfer of functions


LONG-TERM INVESTING Solutions GmbH reserves the right to transfer functions which are in connection with the company of the website to a third party.


10.5 Changes of the conditions of utilisation


LONG-TERM INVESTING Solutions GmbH reserves the right to change or to supplement these User Terms and Conditions. You should read these User Terms and Conditions at the beginning of every use of the website to inform yourself on possible changes.


10.6 Contractual arrangements


If contractual arrangements between yourself and LONG-TERM INVESTING Solutions GmbH deviate from these User Terms and Conditions, the contractual arrangements take precedence.


10.7 Severability clause


Should any stipulation or part of a stipulation in these User Terms and Conditions be unlawful, invalid or unenforceable, this shall not affect the lawfulness, validity or enforceability of the other provisions of the User Terms and Conditions.